Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

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Visual Studio 2010 - is an ideal combination of resources for professional developers. The new product line in 2010 is an excellent combination of software, support services and collaboration tools designed to help you realize the creative potential and meet your professional needs.

Year: 2010
Developer: Microsoft
Platform: Windows
Language: English only

To translate their ideas into practice, use the strengths of his team and open up new horizons:
* New means of prototyping, modeling, and visual design can create innovative applications for Windows and the Internet.
* The ability to share creativity and exchange ideas with SketchFlow in Microsoft Expression Studio and Team Foundation Server.
* Benefits provided by means of multi-core programming and development of a 'cloud' applications.

A single integrated development environment that helps develop their abilities and able to adapt to the user:
* Coding, modeling, testing, debugging and deployment can be carried out without leaving the Visual Studio 2010.
* Using existing standards and their abilities, you can create new types of applications, including applications for Microsoft SharePoint and Windows Azure.
* Ability to work as they like, thanks to support multiple monitors, partnerships and new extensions to the editor.

Powerful tools for testing and the ability to proactively manage the project allows to build applications right from the start:
* New debugger IntelliTrace to determine point of failure for the entries in the application log.
* Proactive management of the projects made possible by the availability of tools such as reports, dashboards, and planning sheets.
* Check the quality of generated applications is ensured by means of manual and automated testing.

Install Notes:

1) Extract 'Visual Studio 2010.iso'
2) Burn the 'Visual Studio 2010.iso' file or mount it with a program
3) Follow Install Steps
4) Start using it



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